It’s not about having a financial advisor, it’s about working with a coordinated team of professionals who are dedicated to making a difference in the financial industry by offering families a different way of looking at money and wealth!    They start by empowering you with knowledge you need to make positive family decisions.

These four camps all have goals and products that can help you. Sadly, each camp has bias.  There is great disagreement about how each works and a general belief that the other camps are somehow flawed in their thinking.

A key component of having Personal Financial Power is being able to make financial decisions from a position of strength in your knowledge of the four camps of financial professionals.

Do you know how each is licensed, how they get paid, and why they might be biased?

Certified Financial Coach™ professionals provide classes for our clients about many different subjects, including how to find the information and summaries about how the financial industry works.

Your financial power depends on what you know about each camp’s biases and how you can get people in these camps to work together to have your money work for you.