About Wealth Strong® Life Solutions

Expert Guides

When  you are ready to take a step and start building personal financial power, you want to be sure your trainer is qualified. You also want to be sure the people they introduce you to have your best interest in mind.

Evonne Ryan, the founder of Wealth Strong® Life Solutions, has a long history as a financial educator, certified coach, financial strategist, and securities principal.. Her commitment is to work with experts and build organizations that focus on empowerment.

Evonne has had the good fortune to work with experts including nationally and internationally award winning money managers, top specialists and other experts who have spent decades designing, testing and building money management systems for large and small companies. She expanded her form to include expert analysts and staff who are dedicated to our clients best interests. This combined work allows Wealth Strong Life Solutions and our Wealth Strong divisions to help provide systems like the TSP SafetyNET for federal employees as a way to provide guidance for their retirement funds, programs to help families find cash flow longevity and legacy strategies that put families first.

We are proud of the work we do with experts in estate and tax planning programs.  Our work has provided individuals who consider themselves middle and upper middle class with strategies typically only available to only individuals with massive financial resources. 

In the area of College Financial planning, Evonne works closely with the founders of the advanced college planning and funding solution Smart Track EDU.  Their work has allowed our firm to partner with college coaches who help local families stop one of the largest wealth transfers — the cost of college. 

Smart Track EDU founders are Sam Mikhail and Scott Greenameyer.  ,

  • Sam Mikhail has been active in the college funding space since 2006 as a financial educator, popular speaker, and national authority on the college planning process. His extensive experience includes business strategy, tax planning, and advanced financial planning and analysis. He has helped thousands of families build college plans to fund and attend the finest universities in the U.S. His expert financial solutions and funding strategies provide his clients millions of dollars in college savings each year.    His planning with clients includes positioning their finances to maximize financial aid eligibility, structuring their finances to create cash flow for college and taking advantage of little known tax strategies to reduce college expenses. Scott is also the creator and designer of a proprietary web-based college planning platform that is currently being used by thousands of college planning professionals across the country
  • .Scott Greenameyer is the CFO of the College Resource Center, LLC and co-founder of the Smart Track™ College Funding system. For over a decade, Scott has used his extensive financial background and college funding knowledge to help make college affordable for families. Scott obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from St. Cloud State University in Minnesota in 1982 and currently holds professional designations as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Certified College Planning Specialist (CCPS). Scott is also a charter member of the National College Advocacy Group (NCAG). Prior to co-founding the College Resource Center, LLC Scott spent 20 years in the financial arena both in public accounting and as a corporate Chief Financial Officer 

With her background as a teacher, consumer educator, Emmy-award winning television producer and CEO of an FTS Capital Manager (earning the Asset Manager of the year award in 1997) Evonne believes that the purpose of each of the companies she has founded is to provide high value and service that can change the lives of millions of people.  Evonne believes she has a unique calling – one with the potential to shake up the financial industry.

“I have been very fortunate — experiencing the thrill that comes from winning awards for the work we do. In the beginning of my financial career, I witnessed the devastation that can happen when hard working people become victim to financial trickery, don’t have access to strategies that can extend their cash flow longevity or provide their family with the stability they seek.

From winning awards to working for a higher purpose, the companies I work with and run have pledged to do business in a unique way.  Changing the financial industry to focus on clients and cash flow longevity strategies while providing the best services to enhance the lives of our clients is our passion!

I invite you to work with us and find our unique difference.  We are here for you!”

Evonne Ryan