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Virtual Play Instruction Guide

to IMPACT The Money Mastery Game® is an experiential game, and very interactive between the players. That is what makes IMPACT such a powerful accelerated learning and money mastery experience.

The physical version of IMPACT allows for up to 6 players. In the virtual version, we can “stack” players, up to 2 per game token. It is fun, a little crazy—fun crazy!

IMPACT is also a perpetual game, so you can play over and over, using the same score sheet you start with in the first game, allowing you, and your money (presumably), to grow from game to game.

Once you have registered to play, you will receive an email, separate from the Zoom registration confirmation, that will have attachments: a Score Sheet to print, plus other important documents. It is ESSENTIAL that you print (preferably in color) your Score Sheet before game time, and the Game Playing Tips. Also review the Rules and Guidelines posted here before the game time—setting up your score sheet, the game overview, and Calculating Payday instructions.

When playing, you MUST use a pencil on your score sheet, and have an eraser and calculator handy while playing as well. With every turn, you will be writing in numbers and points, plus erasing previous numbers on your scoresheet while playing.

You will receive a Confirmation email when you register. That email has important information for your game time. Please save that email and refer to it prior to game time.

Repeat players must register for each game to receive the personalized log in link.

Virtual Game Setup

Here are some IMPORTANT Zoom set up details for playing the game. Please review before starting:

When you first log into Zoom, you will be in a “waiting room” until it’s time for the game to begin. You will be “admitted”, along with other waiting players, at that time. It can take 5+ minutes to admit all of the waiting players.

Once on the main Zoom screen, turn on your video (video camera icon is at the bottom left of the screen – see red circle below). Then select Speaker view (circled in red at the top right corner) and remain in that mode throughout the game. When in Speaker View, you will see the words Gallery View on the screen, in the top right corner, on a PC (see photo below). On an iPad, this is displayed as an icon (that looks like a tic-tac-toe box) on the left side of the screen. Speaker View means your screen should have one screen in a large display, and all other participants are displayed in thumbnails. The photo below is what your screen should look like. The example below is a PC screen, but iPad looks very similar. Red circles are indicating where icons are that you might need during the game. The red arrow at the top center indicates the thumbnail where the game cards are displayed.

We recommend having the Zoom screen with the game board on your computer’s entire screen during the game play, for easy viewing of the game board and to read the cards when it’s your turn.

Please turn on your microphone also but lower the microphone AND speaker volume on your device when you join the game play. Please do your best to eliminate background noise and distractions (pets, children, TV, music, spouses 😉 and other background noises). All cards are read aloud by players during the game, as many of the cards include other players.

When it is your turn in the game, you will need to enlarge the screen with the game card in it so you can read it aloud. On a PC, tablet, smartphone, double click that thumbnail (note the red arrow at the top of the photo above) to enlarge the card screen, swapping it with the game board screen. On an iPad, a single click works. You can swap back to the game board by double, or single clicking, after you’ve read the game card drawn on your turn. Here’s an example:

Use the chat box for any questions you may have during the game. You can also raise your hand during the game, which can be found when you click the emoji icon, both at the bottom of your screen.

Please take a moment to review documents posted here prior to the game starting. Also be sure to print your Score Sheet and documents in the email from prior to joining the game.

The first few minutes after start time on Zoom is reviewing rules, guidelines, and instructions on how to play IMPACT, so please join the game promptly at start time, so all of the players get the instructions to Play Your Way To Wealth!

I look forward to a FUN couple of hours together! See you in Zoom!