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Discover Your Path to Wealth With the Only Game
That Shows You What It Looks & Feels Like!


Most importantly – it’s fun to play, too!

Do you remember what it was like to be in High School?

Whether you loved Home Ec, Gym class, or Shop, we all suffered one very common issue:

High-level math is awful.  

Consider this for a moment:  When was the last time you had to graph probabilities?  How about using the order of operations?  Do you feel (as an adult) that you’re going to use advanced algebra anytime soon?

(Weird tests from your friends on Facebook don’t count 🤣)

While we were trying to compute some odd, impossible-to-read equation we were neglecting the things we needed to know to function as adults.

Investing, Basic Accounting, Stocks and Bonds…

What we needed to know is how money works.

School did a terrible job of preparing us to be adults with money.

We are thrown to the wolves and have to sort out “Life Math” on our own.  Some of the stuff we were taught helped with real-world math, but most of it became useless the moment we completed the class.

If you went to college, that math was even less useful.  Calculus?  Trigonometry?  Advanced Geometry?  Unless you’re an engineer or an architect you’re never going to use those advanced formulas and equations.

The energy and effort required to learn the really hard math would have been better used on math that we do use once we’re making our own money.

What Is Your Level Of Financial Literacy?

Financial Literacy is your ability to understand and apply financial skills.

Your personal financial literacy is probably a lot lower than you want it to be.  

  • Should you be investing at your age?  If so, how much?
  • How much do you need to be able to retire comfortably?
  • What percentage of your paycheck should go towards what things?
  • What kind of interest should I be looking for with investments?
  • What kind of interest should I avoid with credit cards or loans?
  • What kind of accounts should I be using at my bank?
  • A friend told me I had to diversify my investments.  Diversify into what?
  • What you need to know is how money works.  More importantly, how can we make money work for us?
  • How do we answer the hundreds of questions we have about money?

You’ve already tried reading long, boring books or watching 100 YouTube videos trying to find an expert that actually knows what they’re talking about. 

What if there was a much easier and far more fun way to learn about money?

There is and that’s why you’re so lucky to have come here to discover this game!