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Cathy Cunningham, the creator of IMPACT The Money Mastery Game, cheers on the participants at a Money Mastery Event.

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Cathy Cunningham is passionate about helping people.

With an education in Psychology from Samford University in Alabama, Cathy planned to be a counselor. Instead she became a Realtor, and for many years she put her passion to work helping people realize the dream of home-ownership. Expanding her experience in sales, she then went on to Management positions in the Staffing Industry, helping people find work.

After several years as a successful entrepreneur and business leader, Cathy decided to start her own company, teaching skills for success in business and life, which included Image Services and Personal Branding.

Eventually Cathy was introduced to a financial services company that resonated with her values and experience. As a Licensed Agent in financial services for 7 years, Cathy worked with people from all walks of life. Growing up middle-class, the daughter of a seminary professor and a teacher, she knew the struggles of living on a tight budget. Through her years of helping people get their financial plan together, Cathy did become a counselor after all—a financial counselor.

In October 2008, Cathy was struck by a life-changing event that caused her to reflect on her life’s purpose. She realized that her greatest passion is to educate, inspire and empower people to be able to have freedom, choices, peace of mind and happiness. Having become known as a Make-Over expert in the areas of image, money, and other life and business skills, IMPACT Edutainment LLC™ was born, followed by the creation of IMPACT The Money Mastery Game®.



Frustrated with the lack of financial education that exists, the game became a way to help larger numbers of people learn while having fun. Games are used as simulations, creating a life-like experience in a pretend environment, much like a simulator for driving or flying. Playing with a group speeds learning and increases retention of information learned.

Cathy grew tired of the many games that seemed to encourage the idea of “get rich fast and easy.” Cathy thought other games did not include fundamental financial principles for making sound decisions. She saw the need for a new game in this new era, for real people. Not hype.

IMPACT The Money Mastery Game® is a game that anyone can understand, regardless of education or experience. It is full of success principles for business, life and finances that many of us wish we had known sooner, including the author herself!

Cathy is committed to educating people from all walks of life to increase their financial knowledge and build sound financial futures. She is passionate about supporting the growth and success of others. Cathy’s greatest joy and life’s purpose is to be a catalyst in the transformation process, inspiring others to unleash their full potential.

“It is my great desire that you enjoy playing the game. Learn a lot and go build your financial independence. Live the life you were meant to have!”

Cathy Cunningham and Wealth Strong trained facilitators are available for keynotes, workshops or group training programs. IMPACT Money Mastery Programs provide a platform for financial education in the workplace, community organizations, schools, or churches. For more information on the game, or any of the above programs, contact us at Wealth Strong Life Solutions to discuss Cathy’s or Wealth Strong Life Solutions facilitators availability by calling us at 303-904-3177 or emailing us at with your request.